Have you ever wondered which casinos are the most famous worldwide? Then, ask yourself no more. Here are two of the most charming, most popular and most luxurious casinos of all time:

The Monte Carlo casino

First on the list is the Monte Carlo casino. It’s something you can not forget to put on this kind of lists. This is one of the longest running casinos, and the guests that it had in its long history can not be ignored as well. Her long list of the guest includes royal families, high-ranking officials and wealthier celebrities. Nobody can deny that Monte Carlo Casino, they are in fact a symbol of elegance. Due to this casino, the gaming world has achieved more prestige and attention.

The designer of the Monte Carlo casino is no less than Charles Garnier, the famous architect of the Paris Opera. There are more than three hundred slot machines found in, and 30 more tables for different gambling games. Table games vary from roulette to blackjack and craps. If you were lucky to be invited to one of your private rooms, do not forget to use your cape and tie.


there is no doubt that Las Vegas is the casino capital of the world. It is famous for its numerous luxurious casinos which are some of the hottest tourist spots always known by man. The speech of fame, nothing could be more famous than Luxor – the source of Las Vegas pride.

Luxor resembles the elegance of the Monte Carlo casino with its expensive rooms, and furniture. Compared to the Monte Carlo casino, Luxor has a lot more games to offer. The single amount of slot machines to two thousand already. Luxor also offers roulette, craps, poker and blackjack. Actually, it has a poker room in which players can learn more about poker with their free tutorials. That poker room proves to be a very good marketing strategy. More people get to learn how to play poker every day, so more people would like to return to casinos.

TV screens are also placed throughout the complex, so that customers can watch their favorite sporting events. Those who are in sports still playing can monitor the results while inside Luxor. The casino certainly does not want you to miss anything while you are there.

So if you think you have saved enough for your next casino vacation, why not go the best? Visit Luxor and the Monte Carlo casino, and you will never regret it.

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